• Fresh herbs have subtle and delicate flavors. Add to stocks, soups, stews near the end and see how much richer the flavors will be at the table.
  • The general ratio to substitute fresh herbs for dried is 3 to 1. Use 3 times as much fresh herbs as dried herbs that recipes might call for.
  • Roasts should be rubbed with herbs before cooking. One restaurant technique is to chop the fresh herbs you want to use with a bit of salt and pepper. They each flavor the other. Then, rub the seasonings on the roast and finish as usual. This approach can be used for poultry and seafoods as well.
  • For ground meats, finely mince the fresh herbs and mix into the meat before cooking. Add whatever other additions you like - eggs, crumbs, prepared sauces, salt, pepper, etc. - and shape them as appropriate for the dish.
  • Fresh herbs may be added to both batters and crumb mixtures used for fried foods. Chop finely and add as desired.
  • Fresh herbs enhance cooking waters for vegetables. Either chop and drop them into the water so they'll be part of the finished dish or tie them in a little cheesecloth bag and remove them before serving.
  • Store bunches under refrigeration with their stems in water. Loose leaves are best kept in the coldest part of a refrigerator in perforated bags. Shake them as dry as possible before storing. It's a good idea to crumple a paper towel and put it into the bag under the herbs. It absorbs excess moisture and lengthens the useful life of the herbs.




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