Innovative Practices


Innovation from our people is the key to Coolibah Herbs continued success at the cutting edge of farming practices and salad and herb growing. Whilst we must always deliver exactly what our customers and consumers require today, we passionately believe that to stay successful we must imagine what it is they require tomorrow.

Every aspect of farming and the supply chain process from, developing new varieties through trials and evaluation to storage, packaging and transportation, has seen major innovations. Each refinement or complete change is aimed at delivering the best quality produce in the most efficient and cost effective way.

New Taste Sensations


Over recent years people’s tastes and needs have evolved in line with their lifestyles. As people have placed more importance around recreation time and experienced more through the media, their sights and aspirations have widened. Coolibah Herbs have identified a growing requirement for more exotic tasting salads that are fresh from the field. To meet these needs we are continually developing a range of salads and vegetable choices. As well as our famous Salad Mixes, Coolibah Herbs offers many other salad green choices, Baby Spinach and Wild Roquette being the most popular.

The consumer is also placing more value on a healthy lifestyle and is looking for produce free of chemical additives, that “tastes like it used to taste” With our expansion into organics, we are continuing to provide our customers with an extensive product choice and an opportunity to access the benefits of organically grown produce, previously reserved for a smaller marketplace.



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Wholesale Market Outlets
Coolibah Herbs
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Retail Outlets
Although many of our wholesale customers supply the restaurant industry, our products can be found in

  • local markets, such as Victoria Market and Prahran Market in Melbourne
  • many local supermarkets across Australia
  • many large fresh produce stores and greengrocers 
  • some farmers markets

 If you like our products, ask your local produce supplier to source them for you.