Our fresh White Cos Leaves are ideal as a base for Caesar Salad. Crisp and moist leaves with a graduating colour from mild green to pure white, our cos leaves are washed immediately after harvest to maintain their crisp and fresh texture.

  • Loose White Cos available in 1.5 kg cartons
  • Loose White Cos Pre pack cartons: 16 x 100 gram flow-wrap punnets

As an alternative, our Whole Head Cos range offers a choice of size and type, allowing flexibility for individual requirements. We grow a variety of large green, medium, mini and baby “gem” cos lettuce, as weather permits!

  • Whole Large Green Cos available in cartons of 18-20 heads
  • Whole Medium Cos available in cartons of 10-12 heads
  • Whole Mini Cos available in cartons of 10 x twin sleeves
  • Baby Gem Cos available in cartons of 8 x flow-wrap punnets




Contact Us

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Fax: +61 3 5998 1020

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Wholesale Market Outlets
Coolibah Herbs
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Coolibah Salad
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Retail Outlets
Although many of our wholesale customers supply the restaurant industry, our products can be found in

  • local markets, such as Victoria Market and Prahran Market in Melbourne
  • many local supermarkets across Australia
  • many large fresh produce stores and greengrocers 
  • some farmers markets

 If you like our products, ask your local produce supplier to source them for you.